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27 November 2015 / by / in

Star Laws

2016 is not only a leap year but the Chinese year of the red or “fire” monkey according to the imputable laws of Chinese astrology.

The year of the monkey is an auspicious time for new inventions and taking risks. The predications are that it will be a particularly positive year for Bivonas Law LLP, born in 1997, the year of the fire ox. The monkey and the ox are highly compatible.

The ox is characterised as hard working and persistent, however the ox can be impulsive if goaded. They have a tendency to classify almost everything into two basic categories; good or bad.

In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “In my experience there is no such thing as luck”. How very true, it’s all written in the stars.

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John specialises in commercial and civil fraud litigation. Admitted as a solicitor in 1983, John worked in private practice and in-house for a leading life assurance company before establishing Bivonas with Antony Brown in 1997. John has extensive experience in a wide range of courts and tribunals including the UK Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Divisional Court. He has been involved in a number of important reported cases.