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24 April 2015 / by / in ,

It really gets my goat!

Because of his hairy body the mad and brutal Roman Emperor Caligula made it a crime, punishable by death, to mention a goat in his presence.

Being a draconian ruler, Caligula also levied a 2.5% tax on the money claimed in every law suit. However, from 13 April 2015 Chris Grayling has increased civil court fees to £10,000 to commerce a civil claim for £200, 000 or more, which is arguable more onerous than Caligula’s law.

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John specialises in commercial and civil fraud litigation. Admitted as a solicitor in 1983, John worked in private practice and in-house for a leading life assurance company before establishing Bivonas with Antony Brown in 1997. John has extensive experience in a wide range of courts and tribunals including the UK Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Divisional Court. He has been involved in a number of important reported cases.