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15 August 2016 / by / in

Client acquitted in a multi handed trial for money laundering

After an eight day trial in Wood Green Crown Court, Rebecca Dix secured the acquittal of her client who was charged with money laundering offences. The prosecution had alleged, following a covert surveillance operation, that her client was part of a money laundering arrangement to hide the proceeds of crime that had allegedly been laundered through a family run Money Exchange Bureau in central London. The client was stopped by plain clothes covert officers by her home and was found to be carrying a large amount of cash in her handbag.

After persistent cross examination of the intelligence officers engaged in the arrest of her client, Rebecca was able to secure their admission that they had breached a number of significant Codes of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 during the stop and search procedure. It was argued that there was no evidence of an arrangement having been entered into for such a money laundering operation.

The jury unanimously found the client not guilty.

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