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Sergei Vladi

Senior Consultant
Bivonas Law LLP - Sergei Vladi

Areas of Expertise

Sergei is a Doctor of Law, specialising in legal support to high net worth Russian and CIS clientele including Forbes registered clients. He has extensive experience in the strategic management of international legal teams which include lawyers, consultants and experts in various jurisdictions such as B.V.I., Cambodia, Cyprus, France, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and USA.

Sergei is experienced in the acquisition, sale and management of large property development projects. From 2008 to 2012 he worked as the vice-president of a multi-billion-dollar international construction and development corporation based in Moscow.

He is fluent in English and Russian and has worked in various Russian state ministries and in Gazprom. He was also the Head of the Legal Chair of the Academy of Construction Industry in Moscow.

Sergei provides legal support for businesses and private clients. The scope of his work includes:

  • Managing complex cross-border litigation and arbitration;
  • Protecting clients from unlawful criminal prosecution, raiders’ attacks and extradition;
  • Providing legal support for foreign economic activity as well as investments in Russia and the CIS;
  • The management of business and family disputes which include the search for and arrest of assets within various jurisdictions;
  • Crisis management and the protection of assets;
  • Assistance in acquisition and sale of high-profile real estate, commercial properties and development projects.

Notable Cases

  • Assisted an international development corporation in the acquisition of 50% of the shares of a London landmark development project, the gross development value of which exceeded one billion pounds. (2008);
  • Assisted in the sale of a landmark hotel in Moscow to an international investment fund. (2010);
  • Assisted in the sale of the majority shares of an international property development group worth £1.5 billion. (2012);
  • Led the successful defence of interest of one of the shareholders of the International Development Group. (2012-2016);
  • Secured the freedom of a VIP client and his acquittal from unlawful charges and criminal prosecution. (2017).

Professional Associations

Sergei is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in London and the Association of Lawyers of Russia.