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Alexey Dobrynin

Partner, Pen & Paper
Pen & Paper - Russia

Areas of Expertise

Alexey specialises in criminal and criminal-procedural law, and the investigation of economic crimes. He has considerable experience in arbitration and civil court proceedings. Alexey represents corporations in their cooperation with supervisory and law-enforcement agencies, including issues relating to criminal law, the legal provision of business security, internal corporate investigations and criminal law due diligence. He has defended the shareholders of the Lenta hypermarket chain in a corporate conflict with other shareholders, including one of the largest investment funds in the United States, TPG Capital, and the VTB bank. Alexey has also supported officials from the Ilim Group in tax control measures connected to pre-investigative inspections and initiated criminal cases.

Alexey is a member of the expert consultative council at the Federation Council Committee for Constitutional Legislation and State Construction. He plays an active role in processes involving the reform of criminal and criminal-procedural legislation.

Alexey’s expertise includes:

  • Conducting criminal investigations of business projects (criminal due diligence);
  • Providing consultancy services and protecting clients’ interests on the initiation of criminal proceedings, preliminary investigation and judicial proceedings;
  • Providing consultancy services and protecting clients’ interests on the initiation of criminal proceedings, preliminary investigations and judicial proceedings;
  • Protecting clients’ rights during scheduled and unannounced inspections by tax authorities, the Prosecutor’s Office and other authorities;
  • Recovering debt from unscrupulous parties through the use of criminal law methods;
  • Carrying out legal investigations.

Notable Cases

  • Ongoing legal support for Russia’s largest energy holding company as part of pre-investigative inspections of its staff and operations, and the investigation of criminal cases instigated in connection with the insolvency of the holding company’s structures. This was caused by the unforeseeable termination of finance and the withdrawal of further investment by the principal customer. Over 35 criminal cases have currently been instigated and are being investigated against the holding company, some of which have been dismissed as a result of the work of our firm’s advocates.
  • Comprehensive legal support for Europe’s largest pulp and paper holding company over several years. In particular, this involves representing the holding company in situations involving the initiation and investigation of criminal cases relating to industrial injuries, including those linked to the death of workers. In particular, thanks to the organisation of a skilful defence, a criminal case was dropped after being brought by the Russian Investigative Committee concerning the death of a company employee. An investigation by the legal team proved that none of the client’s twelve employees were involved in the accident in which they had initially been incriminated. The special expert review into industrial safety, requisitioned by our advocates, determined that the equipment behind the accident had been subject to natural wear and tear, and that there was no causal relationship between the actions of the company’s employees and the hazardous consequences.
  • Protecting the senior management of the city’s key employer, pulp and paper maker. Following an investigation by our legal team, the appeal court changed the means of detention for the chair of the board of directors. The chair was accused of a number of economic crimes. Even though the accused refused to plead guilty or give testimony, including testimony that would incriminate other people, the court reviewed the defence’s position and, contrary to the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office and the investigator, altered the means of restraint. According to statistics for that period, the courts in Russia changed the means of detention from arrest to release on bail in just 0,2% of cases. The firm’s advocates successfully had the criminal case dismissed.
  • Support for the pre-investigative inspection of Russia’s largest mobile phone operator to prevent its unlawful criminal prosecution and to enable the timely dismissal of unsubstantiated accusations of violating criminal law and groundless material claims against the company by government agencies.

Professional Associations

Alexey is a member of St. Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers.