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15 January 2020 / by / in

English Law Week in Russia 2019

Sergey Litovchenko was invited to be a member of the panel discussing sanctions and their economic and legal effects at the 10th English Law Week in Russia towards the end of 2019. The panel discussed sanctions and their influence on other countries including sanctions against Russia, the US sanctions against Iran, and the European response. Sergey spoke about the history and consequences of sanctions. The panel discussions also covered the influence of sanctions on the economy, politics and legal systems of countries targeted by sanctions; as well as the options and experience of dealings during sanctions periods and the opportunities for businesses to decrease their negative impact. The panel was chaired by Vladislav Zabrodin, managing partner of Capital Legal Services, a Russian law firm. The other panel members were Edward Jenkins QC, 5 Paper Buildings, Richard Nowinski, 3 Stone Buildings, and Artem Zhavoronkov, a partner at Borenius, a Russian law firm.

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